Water purifier RO

Water purifier ro

The ro water purifier is suitable for treating all types of well water, seawater and river water. The ro-water treatment plant is used to reduce the mineral water solubility (total solvent solids TDS). The water purification package developed by Abram Company consists of several sections including pre-treatment, main purification and water disinfection systems. This device is used in areas where the quality of drinking water is different from that of the National Standard Organization. It is also used at the outlet of wastewater treatment plants to recycle the final waste water.

The minimum requirements for reverse osmosis water purification (RO) are high pressure pump, modulus, pressure valve valve, safety valve, measurement and control systems (pressure gauge and flow meter). The simplest diagram of a water treatment plant is reverse osmosis. This system includes a high pressure pump, a reverse osmosis module and two pressure gauges on the input and output of modulus installations that show the modulus pressure. Two measuring devices, each of which shows the amount of water purified and the effluent. The ratio between the refined water and the effluent is determined from these two flowmeters.

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Water treatment by reverse osmosis

In case of need, refined water is produced with high water quality (the quality of industrial water used in the industry), the treatment can be done in two steps. So that the treated water discharged the first stage into the second stage and returned the second stage to the first stage.


The action of the reverse osmosis system is the separation of soluble substances and insoluble matter in water. The amount of this detergent depends on the condition of the filtration system. The amount of material that is removed from water, the material is removed and what remains in the water is called the material passed. The amount of material removed depends on different parameters. To the extent that the raw water concentration is Ce and the concentration of the remaining substances in the treated water Cp, the percentage of the removed substances R is:

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 Percentage of Removed Substances R Water Purification

If the output of the effluent concentration is assumed to be Cr and the conversion factor Y is. in this case :

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If Y = 0.75, it is equal to 4 to Ce. The goal is to try to get the Y coefficient to more than 20-30 percent, in which case initial refinement will be required. The amount of optimal conversion coefficient can be determined by analyzing the raw water. However, the larger the Y, the better the preliminary purification is needed. On the other hand, it is necessary to consider the minimum energy consumption for each cubic meter of refined water.

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