Areation Blower

Areation Blower

Areation Blower is an aeration or air blower for blowing air into the pipes then into the diffusers of the wastewater treatment plants. The air blower is also used for air blowing in pools and fish huts and jacuzzis. In sewage treatment plants, in the activated sludge activated sludge unit, EAAS, MBBR, or IFAS or other aerobic processes are used. Generally, there are three types of general Areation Blower, these include:

  • Blade Side Channel
  • Rotary blower with positive displacement (ropes)
  • Centrifuge blower

When a centrifugal air blower is used, the unit capacity is greater than 85 cubic meters per minute. In less capacity, it should be noted that the Areation Blower machine can supply air in low flow tracks.


Side Channel Blower

this type of aeration blower operates at low pressures. This type of aeration chiller is due to low air quality compared to other aeration types suitable for low capacities. For use in shallow basins, low pressure areas, lower discharge rates, and better application.

Advantage of side channel blower:

  • Produces less noise than other types of Areation Blower
  • Body of the blower is resistant and good quality
  • lower price
  • Longevity and proper depreciation
  • Simple installation

Rotary blower with positive displacement (ropes)

Rotor blades (rotary with positive displacement) were used as the pump for water displacement in the most basic condition they were used. Which was then used for air transport. Nowadays it is used as a high-capacity blower with the development of this type of rotary blowers (rotary with positive displacement)

Advantages of Rotor Blowers (rotary with positive displacement):

  • A wide range of aeration for Dubai and high volumes
  • Possibility of adjusting the pressure and amount of air required
  • Possibility to use for high pressures
  • Low depreciation

The centrifugal blowers produce anomalous sound, and an soundproof must be installed at the inlet and outlet.

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