Design and construction of the system Water treatment and sewage treatment

Abram engineering company ,With the registration number 498304 ,Designer and manufacturer of sewage treatment packages and water treatment package located at Shahid Beheshti University Development Center With the permission of the environmental , water andwastewater treatment and filtration industry from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, it has been able to designand construct a sewage treatment system using Wide Aperture Mud Modes (EAAS), Mobile Bonding Growth (MBBR),Climbing Growth Fixed Platform (IFAS), Membrane Biologic Reactor (MBR), Bioluminal Revolcanic Contact (RBC),Septic Tank Technique, Stabilization Pond and For the treatment of hospital waste, paper and carton industries,slaughterhouses, dairy industries, paint and resin, glass, cement, wood industry, electrical and electronic industries, food, carpet, steel, electroplating, cosmetic, petrochemical, refinery and Petroleum, livestock and dairy farms, pharmaceuticals offer valuable services.

what are we doing

Abram Company (Water of the Computing Guide) has set its target for water health in the country as water has become a more pressing issue than ever before. Because the occurrence of environmental crises and disasters not only threatens the livelihoods of living things around, it also endangers the lives of future generations. Because human survival depends on peaceful coexistence with water resources and nature, and the overuse of water resources has led to the use of this divine blessing in crisis.

We, a team of civil-water and sewage engineering graduates of Shahid Beheshti University, decided to fulfill our mission of protecting this divine blessing, so we set up the Abram Technology Unit.

Abram Technology Unit consists of a group of graduates of civil-water and wastewater engineering located at the Shahid Beheshti University Growth Center whose activities are focused on utilizing and maintaining projects, designing, consulting and laboratory water and wastewater services. Monitoring of environmental pollutants in the country by domestic experts has been valuable since its establishment. Currently, with the help of experienced experts and the use of scientific reserve, technical knowledge and experience of efficient experts has been able to accomplish various projects.

The vision of this company, utilizing the valuable elites of the country, is to move towards improvement and productivity and effectiveness of the country’s water and wastewater systems. One of our goals is to try to solve various problems of the country and keep pace with Iran’s growth with world standards, to enable our beloved country to use inexpensive technologies in the world so that they can enjoy the pleasure of living in the modern world. . We believe that the capacity of our country’s youth and scientists is such that we can soon see dear Iran on the peaks of science and technology in the world. In this regard, we warmly welcome you for any cooperation and invite you to join us in this important task…