Wastewater treatment by electrical coagulation method

EC Wastewater Treatment Package

wastewater treatment by electrical coagulation is a specific method of chemical coagulation.that coagulation parameters are formed by dissolving the anode with the flow between the anode & cathode electrodes.Electrocoagulation causes less coagulation ions to be used, but more pollutant removal and the need to add conventional chemicals such as coagulation and flocculation are not common.As a result, it reduces pollutants and reduces the amount of sludge. The reaction time is low in the EC coagulation process, therefore the size of the reactor is small and its operation and maintenance is simple and environmentally friendly.

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Wastewater treatment by electrical coagulation method

Wastewater treatment by electrical coagulation for industrial waste water that is not biologically treated and conventional methods are not treated, such as dyeing wastewater, is used to remove phenolic compounds, sewage and sewage sludge and treatment of sewage sludge.

Application of sewage treatment by electric coagulation

The EC-made wastewater treatment metal packaging package for Abram is suitable for the following sewage:
  1. Carwash sewage
  2. Domestic gray wastewater from dishwasher sinks, washbasins and … (sewage of residential areas other than human waste)
  3. Grain wastewater from organizations and departments (sewage from residential units other than human sewage)
  4. Dyeing sewage, paint factory and factories with high organic matter

The mechanism of wastewater treatment by electric coagulation method

Iron and aluminum are used in electrical coagulation due to the proper price. Hydroxide of iron and aluminum metals causes coagulation, flocculation and removal of organic matter and color.

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Electric coagulation wastewater treatment

Advantages of wastewater treatment by electrical coagulation

  1. Provide treated sewage output in accordance with EPA standards
  2. Small and fast dimensions
  3. Possibility to transfer the package after installation
  4. The least amount of bad breath is when you have the right path
  5. Simple navigation and maintenance
  6. The concentration of sludge was low

Steps of electrical coagulation method

  1. Creates coagulant with electrode oxidation
  2. Instability of pollutants and organic matter of sewage and suspended particles and breakdown of emulsions
  3. Accumulation of unstable particles of sewage and then flocculation

Shakey iron hydroxide follows the electrophoretic principle. The electrophoretic principle refers to the movement of fluid particles by electric power. Due to this force, colloids accumulate in the adjacent anode. Particles react with each other to absorb iron hydroxide and remove from the environment by surface mixing or electrostatic adsorption.