Metal sand filter

Metal sand filter

Metal sand filters use medium-sized sand layers with special size and depth. The first in designing a sand filter is to provide good quality water with the least investment and guidance. The sand filter permeates the pre-treated water or the treated wastewater with turbidity through the filter bed. This will remove and purify large portions of the particles throughout the bed. Design and manufacture of sand filters for all types of models is made by Rahbar Abbasab Water Company (Abram).

Types of metal sand filters

The sand filter is based on the flow rate of the water in the filter during operation of two types. If the flow rate decreases over the operating time, it is called the decreasing flow rate. But if the flow rate remains constant over time, it is called constant flow rate. In the first case, as the clots accumulate between the grains, the height drops and the flow rate decreases. But in the latter case, by controlling the height drop at the outlet, the flow rate remains almost constant.

Sand filter wash

There are four designs for sand filter washing, including air-cleaning tanks, direct pumping, self-washing and reverse washing. The first two systems, namely air-cleaning tank and direct pumping, are common and advanced washing designs. These two washing systems (air wash and direct pumping) have a great deal of flexibility compared to the reverse wash design. The air system is good for refineries that have a tank height above it. This system has the advantages of being energy efficient, supplying water needed during power outages, and so on. But this system requires large tanks to supply two filters for washing.

On the contrary, in the sand filter system with direct pumping the control of the washing rate is relatively simple. But in this system both the pump size and the pump power required for the large filter are much greater. Pumping sand filter filter system is suitable for small pump system or reverse air wash. In reverse washing, washing is done by passing the opposite flow of water from the bottom to the top of the sand filter. This will transfer the waste material that is filtered through the sand to the sewage.

Application of metal sand filter:

Sand Filter Package for water treatment including RO pretreatment, river water purification for drinking, sanitary and industrial, pool water treatment, industrial and human wastewater treatment, unpleasant taste, water color and dichlorination, filtration as The last stage of physical purification in filtration, water purification for swimming pools, fish ponds, etc. is used.

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