Gray Sewage Traetment Package

Gray Sewage Traetment Package

The gray water treatment package is used by the EC Coagulation method to purify water and wastewater other than human waste water. The importance of human wastewater being separated and treated from other wastewater such as dishwashers, toilets, etc. is very important. Because the separation of human wastewater from mobile wastewater makes the treatment process distinct. Electrocoagulation is strongly recommended for carwash wastewater.

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Abram’s Gray Wastewater Treatment Package purifies the effluent by an electrical coagulation method. In this method when a direct current (DC) is connected to the electrodes. The electrode, which is part of the anode, dissolves in the constituents of the wastewater and produces metal ions which are good coagulants. The electrode is usually made of iron or aluminum, which produces the coagulant. The cathode electrode portion of the hydroxide ions is produced during electrolysis and is reacted with the metal ions produced in the anode portion then metal hydroxides are produced. This method is based on coagulation, oxidation, then resuscitation and then sedimentation and buoyancy. This method is very suitable for wastewater containing colored materials, heavy metals and turbidity.

Benefits of Gray Wastewater Treatment Package

  1. Provide output of treated wastewater in accordance with EPA standard
  2. Small and convenient dimensions and fast construction
  3. Package transfer after installation
  4. Minimum odor production if properly managed
  5. Easy navigation and maintenance
  6. The concentration of sludge produced was low
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